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"[Banks are] not always real flexible," he pointed out. Bowden noted that the other two top sites on the district's list would necessitate a re-plat- ting process as well. "I really would like to see this speeded up a bit if there is any way to speed it up," Goodwin told Lempe and Bowden. Regarding the plans for the SCTI itself, Bowden explained the project encompasses three phases. The first involves not only site acquisition but also the construction of administrative facilities and implementa- tion of about half the programs proposed for the institute. The second phase will include the expansion of programs, while the third will focus on the library, which is proposed for use by the pub- lic as well as students and staff. The district has set aside $9.5 million in its capital budget for the next fiscal year to cover the first phase and a portion of the third. When Goodwin asked whether staff had obtained a Memorandum of Understanding Sarasota County School District staff has released a tentative timeline for the North Port SCTI project. Image courtesy Sarasota County Schools Sarasota News Leader June 20, 2014 Page 49

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