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Sarasota County Chief Engineer James K. Harriott Jr. will not rule out the possibility that recycling can be implemented in Siesta Village during the next fiscal year. In fact, he told The Sarasota N e w s L e a d e r t h i s w e e k , h e r e m a i n s hopeful a program can get under way. Perhaps the biggest question is whether the budget for the S i e s t a K e y Vi l l a g e Maintenance Corp. (SKVMC) will be able to cover the expense without any amendment. "Does it fit in the existing assessment?" Harriott pointed out on June 17. Mark Smith, the liaison between the SKVMC and the county, con- firmed to the News Leader this week that Siesta Village lead- ers still would like to see recycling begin under a new mainte- nance contract the County Commission In June 2013, the Siesta Key Village Association began discussions in earnest on establishing a recycling program in the Village. Photo by Norman Schimmel VILLAGE RECYCLING HOPES REMAIN THE COUNTY'S CHIEF ENGINEER IS OPTIMISTIC A PROGRAM STILL COULD START NEXT YEAR, IF CERTAIN STEPS ARE UNDERTAKEN VERY SOON The complexity in all of this probably comes from government procurement requirements … In the interest of fairness to all contractors, making changes to the work scope after awarding the contract is not really possible. James K. Harriott Jr. Chief Engineer Sarasota County By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor

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