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Why disrupt a neighborhood twice when two projects could be done at the same time? That was what Sarasota County staff mem- bers began to agree on as they continued planning for a project that is part of the state-mandated effort to decommission the Siesta Key Advanced Wastewater Treatment P l a n t , D a v e C a s h , the county's interim director of public util- ities, explained to the County Commission last week. To be more specific, staff began thinking that the aging water main serving north Siesta Key could be replaced at the same time a new sewer force main is constructed for the upgraded sewer service. "Honestly, one of the dumbest things a gov- ernment can do is have two parallel projects in the same area that aren't done simulta- neously that could be done simultaneously," Commissioner Nora A map shows the sections of Siesta Key and the mainland that will be affected by construction of a new sewer force main for the Siesta Key Master Pump Station. Image courtesy Sarasota County TWO PROJECTS AT ONE TIME NORTH SIESTA KEY WATER CUSTOMERS WILL GET A NEW PIPELINE AT THE SAME TIME THE COUNTY CONSTRUCTS A SEWER LINE FOR THE NEW SIESTA KEY PUMP STATION We didn't want to find ourselves in the position of having to come back three or four years from now and have to replace the water main when we could have done it sooner. Dave Cash Interim Director Public Utilities Sarasota County By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor

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