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Two weeks ago, Sarasota County Commission Chairman Charles Hines called the county's joint ownership of Warm Mineral Springs with the City of North Port a "defective" partner- ship. This week, he and the other four county commissioners voted to end that arrange- m e n t , o f f e r i n g t h e city the opportunity to buy the county's share of the 81-acre Springs property. Representatives from the public spoke for more than an hour on the topic Tuesday, July 8, many urging the county to do whatever it could to prevent the springs from closing on Sept. 1, when the county and city's current short-term management contract runs out. But there's little chance of that happening. The county says it cannot simply re-up the current deal and any competitive solicita- tion process would stretch beyond that Sept. 1 cutoff. Many speakers also asked the county to refrain from allowing any development on Unless the City of North Port buys Warm Mineral Springs from the county within the next couple of months, the resort will close again on Sept. 1. Photo courtesy Sarasota County SARASOTA COUNTY PENS A BREAKUP LETTER COUNTY COMMISSION WANTS OUT OF ITS WARM MINERAL SPRINGS PARTNERSHIP [Warm Mineral Springs is] a treasure, and we're fortunate to have it here in the City of North Port. It makes sense for the City of North Port to be the sole owner. Linda Yates Commissioner City of North Port By Cooper Levey-Baker Associate Editor

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