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A SIGN 'SWITCHEROO' OCCURS ON NORTH SHELL ROAD; ROBERTS POINT ROAD HAS ITS OWN PARKING PROBLEMS; THE SIESTA CHAMBER MEETS ITS FIREWORKS FUNDRAISING GOAL; AND THE PUBLIC BEACH PARK IMPROVEMENTS ARE ON SCHEDULE Siesta Seen Although the new public parking spaces on North Shell Road were substantially com- plete on July 3, a couple of issues remained to be resolved. The primary one, I learned this week, involves incorrect signage. Unlike the "No Parking" signs that went up in February on Avenida de Mayo, those on North Shell Road also bore the notice, "Tow Away Zone." Therefore, the North Shell Road signs were being replaced this week, Tom Maroney, the county's transportation manager in the Public Works Department, told me on July 7. "They were exuberantly put up there by the contractor," Maroney pointed out, add- ing that the "Tow Away Zone" notices were not included at the county's direction. "For consistency's sake, we are going to take them down." By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor The North Shell Road public parking project is almost complete. Photo by Rachel Hackney

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