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There are many items of interest on the July 21 Sarasota City Commission agenda. There is something for everyone, including a couple of items that may spark commissioner outrage. The city commissioners will start on a very positive note as they begin the evening s e s s i o n . T h e y w i l l recognize the achieve- ments of a man who has molded the future of this community as few others have. The commissioners will declare July 21 "Dan Kennedy Day" to recognize the man who started the Sarasota Military Academy. Before that, he was prin- cipal of Sarasota High and vice principal of Riverview High. In 2001, Kennedy left the public school system to start what some considered to be impos- sible — a high school with real discipline. By last year, 96 percent of Sarasota Military Academy's graduates h a d a t t e n d e d c o l - lege. He will receive a key to the city, a rare honor for a resident. FOR THE CITY COMMISSION ON JULY 21, A 'MEGA-AGENDA' AWAITS, INCLUDING DISCUSSION OF JESSE BITER'S PROPOSED SECOND STREET DEVELOPMENT Businesses located in the Newtown business district should have set prohibited hours of operation from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. Bernadette DiPino Police Chief City of Sarasota By Stan Zimmerman City Editor This Second Street structure covers part of the property where entrepreneur Jesse Biter is proposing to build a 10-story rental complex. Photo by Norman Schimmel OLD PLANS AND NEW RULES

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