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CONTENTS Vol. 2, No. 44 — July 18, 2014 SCAT DIRECTOR FIRED AN UNFLATTERING REVIEW NEWS SCAT DIRECTOR FIRED 9 Although she had less than two years in the position, some community residents and leaders saw Glama Carter as the key to getting the transit system back on track — Roger Drouin AN UNFLATTERING REVIEW 16 An audit of the city's Information Technology Department finds a multitude of deficiencies, including security risks — Stan Zimmerman MODERNIZING A PAYMENT SYSTEM 21 Sarasota County Area Transit staff hopes to have a system in place by early 2015 to allow online debit and credit card payments for passes — Rachel Brown Hackney A REAPPEARANCE 25 An application for the long-planned Palmer Place development is submitted to county's Development Review Committee — Roger Drouin OLD PLANS AND NEW RULES 27 For the City Commission on July 21, a 'mega-agenda' awaits, including discussion of Jesse Biter's proposed Second Street development — Stan Zimmerman RESERVES ALL BUT EXHAUSTED 35 Benefits fund raided to balance next year's city budget — Stan Zimmerman DOES NOT SMELL LIKE CITY HALL 39 An historical city architectural design is proposed for the Luke Wood Park lift station in Sarasota — Stan Zimmerman Click Any Headline To Go Directly To That Article COVER PHOTO CREDIT In Flight - Fran Palmeri

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