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Political crow is a very unpalatable dish, eaten hot or cold. It is on the menu this week at the political action committee It's Time Sarasota. On Wednesday, July 16, the organization publicly announced that its petition drive to put a strong-mayor charter initiative on the November ballot failed. "It's Time Sarasota is withdrawing our cur- rent petition to place a complete [sic] revised Charter for the City of Sarasota on the November 2014 ballot. As we plan for our next campaign in 2016, It's Time will place greater emphasis on seeking broader community input and expanding community awareness of the need for reform," the press release said. The committee opposing the strong-mayor plan, The Citizens Voice, noted in its own press release, "This was the seventh failed push for a strong mayor system," adding, "In 1996, 2002 and 2009 voters defeated a vari- ety of such initiatives — in 2002 by 70-30 percent. The City Commission voted not to put a similar measure on the ballot in 2012. The Charter Review Committees of 2006 and 2010-11 also recommended against a change from the Commission-City Manager form of government." It's Time Sarasota has pushed for a strong-mayor form of city government. Image from the organization website A DEAD PETITION DRIVE THE GROUP SEEKING A STRONG-MAYOR FORM OF GOVERNMENT ADMITS FAILURE By Stan Zimmerman City Editor

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