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Although the Sarasota County School Board unanimously adopted its tentative millage r a t e s a n d 2 0 1 4 - 1 5 budget after a July 29 public hearing, final approval will not take place until after a sec- ond public hearing on Sept 16. Included in the total s p e n d i n g p l a n i s about $128 million for capital projects, with $106,471,168 allocated for work in the new fiscal year. D u r i n g a J u n e 1 7 workshop, the School Board took its last look at the construc- tion projects before adopting the tenta- tive budget. With formal comple- tion of the Booker Paul Rudolph, known internationally as an architect whose projects were among the most iconic of those in the 'Sarasota School of Architecture,' designed Building 4 at Sarasota High School. Photo by Norman Schimmel HIGH COST OF REMOVING ASBESTOS WHILE THE SARASOTA COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT HAS SAVED HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ON RECENT MAJOR CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS, IT HAS HIT A SNAG AT SARASOTA HIGH SCHOOL I've never had to say to the board, 'We have a project over budget,' but Sarasota High will be. … I blame the vast majority of that on asbestos abatement. Scott Lempe Deputy Superintendent Sarasota County Schools By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor

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