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Political mailers that have raised eyebrows, School Board con- struction projects, mosquito control at the height of the rainy sea- son, the city budget, a warm-water bacterium that is frightening some beach-goers, a mangrove destruction case and Bob's Boat- house — yes, it has been another busy week with diverse news. Add in County Editor Roger Drouin's Q&A with County Commis- sion candidate Shannon Snyder and City Editor Stan Zimmer- man's analysis about how the City Commission plans to balance its budget, and you can see there is a lot of depth in this issue, too. Stan agreed with me last week that this is the busiest summer for news in Sarasota County that he can remember for quite some time. Still, we have made an effort to look for fresh stories to mix in among the continuing sagas. To that end, I highly recommend Roger's story about the county's mosquito control work and Associate Editor Cooper Levey-Baker's reports on the political mailer as well as worries about that bacterium in Gulf waters, Vibrio vulnifi- cus. As for me: I joked earlier this week that I am now on the "Special Magistrate beat." You need to attend only one set of Code Enforce- ment Special Magistrate proceedings to appreciate the dedication of many county employees. During two hearings for Bob's Boathouse on July 25, I saw a lot of faces that have become very familiar over the past several months. Even other cases that are wrapped up with relative ease offer tremendous insight into matters the Code Enforcement staff has to deal with day after day. Editor and Publisher

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