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substantial evidence that suggests that the deadlines could have been met, where they weren't." The March 21 hearing was the first of three regarding a number of actions required under county code for the restaurant to be granted a Certificate of Occupancy (CO). Two punch list items remained incomplete as of July 25: the recording of the final engineer- ing schematics for Bob's Boathouse and the installation of the county-approved lighting plan. The former was to have been completed 60 days after the March hearing; the latter, within 120 days of the hearing. The schematics cannot be submitted for recording until after all the punch list items have been finished, according to testimony. While the lighting plan has been approved, Aker pointed out that the poles and fixtures had to be custom-manufactured, and the own- ers still are awaiting the arrival of the poles. When Wittmer asked Aker when the poles were expected on-site, he replied, "I cannot give you a date, your honor. … I'm not privy to how long it takes to do that work." After county Zoning Administrator Brad Bailey estimated the lighting should be installed within 60 days, based on his experi- ence, Wittmer scheduled a status hearing for 9 a.m. on Oct. 10 to ensure that all the punch list items have been completed. In her July 25 order, she fined Bob's Boathouse $250 for the first day it was out of compliance with her March 21 order and added in a fine of County staff signed off on the completion of the watercourse buffer plantings on July 24, an environmental supervisor testified. Photo by Rachel Hackney Sarasota News Leader August 1, 2014 Page 58

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