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Siesta Seen A June 22 Siesta Key Association (SKA) query to county staff about whether Blasé Café was violating provisions of the Siesta Key Overlay District (SKOD) finally was answered in full on July 25, after SKA President Michael Shay sought help from County Commissioner Nora Patterson, who then turned to County Administrator Tom Harmer. On June 22, Shay wrote to county Code Enforcement and Zoning Administration staff, "I noticed Saturday morning [June 21] that Blasé Café is using additional space in [the] plaza/parking lot and I am curious to know if [the owner] has a TUP [Temporary Use Permit]," though Shay added he believed TUPs were available just during certain holi- day periods. Shay included with his email one photo taken outside what used to be a pizza restaurant perpendicular to Blasé. It showed bar stools standing next to a counter. Did Blasé have a permit for that use, he also asked. A second photo accompanying the email was taken in the parking lot, Shay added, noting that Blasé owner Rami Nehme "has comman- deered additional parking spots for this 'tent.' Is there a permit for this?" THE SIESTA KEY ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT GETS ANSWERS TO CODE ENFORCEMENT QUESTIONS ABOUT CHANGES AT BLASÉ CAFÉ; AND CONSTRUCTION OF TURTLE BEACH IMPROVEMENTS IS SET TO BEGIN LATER THIS YEAR By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor A June 21 photo shows bar seats next to a counter at Blasé Café. Photo courtesy Michael Shay The canopy and carpet were back in place on July 20 at Blasé Café. Photo courtesy Michael Shay

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