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Siesta Seen Shay continued, "While we are on this sub- ject of Blasé Café, I have always wondered HOW he is able to have an outside deck area in the parking lot, using parking spaces. Can someone explain how this is possible when parking is at such a premium in the Village." Finally, Shay included a photo of a handmade sign in front of Bonjour French Café, which directed people to the parking lot behind the building. "I know that for the last year [Siesta] Village has been the Wild Wild West, i.e., we ignore a lot of the outdoor display issues and of course some of the merchants are taking advantage of that," Shay wrote. "But [this] is NOT fair to those who follow the rules and IT has gone on way too long!" Shay was referring to an effort by officers of the Siesta Key Village Association (SKVA) in May 2013 to educate business owners about what the SKOD does and does not allow. Some business owners complained later after a Code Enforcement officer told them no out- door displays are allowed under the SKOD, which applies to the entire island. After work- ing on a proposal over the past months, a group of business owners won support from the SKVA this spring for a proposed revision of the SKOD to permit displays under spe- cific guidelines. That matter will be heard by the Sarasota County Planning Commission on Aug. 7 before it comes to the County Commission for a final decision. On June 28, county Code Enforcement Officer John Lally responded to Shay's email, noting he had just met with Zoning Administrator Brad Bailey regarding Shay's concerns. The parking sign at Bonjour French Café is allowable, Lally wrote in an email, "but the current sign is too large and will have to be replaced ..." Sarasota County Sheriff's dep- uties told representatives of the restaurant they cannot use a portable sign, Lally added, and no one at the café was aware of the size requirements for such signage. At the height of season in 2013, the band at Blasé Café played on the deck outside the restaurant. Photo by Rachel Hackney On June 21, Blasé Café had a red carpet laid out in its parking lot adjacent to Ocean Boulevard and a canopy over the space. Photo courtesy Michael Shay Sarasota News Leader August 1, 2014 Page 72

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