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Siesta Seen would be almost double that but people would still need to back out onto the road." Gaubatz added that "engineering for the funded portion of the project is almost com- plete. We will be sending it out for bids within the next couple of months once all coastal per- mitting is complete. This does not include any portions of the … boat trailer parking mod- ifications, which the [County Commission] removed from the funded project. The con- struction budget for funded portions is about $530,000. To answer your question on cost: assuming the new boat trailer parking lot is pervious concrete so no new storm- water ponds are required (we would need to verify this assumption), the total cost of the lot for engineering, project management and construction may be up to $575,000." He wrote that some contingency money remains for design work, "[if] you would like us to give you a more educated estimate, Turtle Beach is popular with people who prefer its relatively quiet atmosphere compared to all the activity on Siesta Public Beach. Photo by Rachel Hackney Sarasota News Leader August 1, 2014 Page 79

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