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ELECT KEN MARSH AND SCHOOL BOARD INCUMBENTS EDITORIAL By any rational mea- s u r e , t h e S a r a s o t a County School District is a source of pride for the people of Sarasota County. It consistently ranks among the top districts in the state in testing scores. The superintendent, Lori White, is admired and well liked by school employ- ees and almost everybody in the county. Her leadership has been a dramatic improvement over what we have seen in some previous administrations. And the School Board has provided thoughtful, prudent governance. There was a temporary disruption in that sea of equanimity when board member Carol Todd suddenly announced her resignation a few months ago. However, with her seat being one of three up for election in August, it was not viewed as an issue of real importance. The board even asked Gov. Rick Scott not to appoint a successor for Todd, so the electoral process of replacing her could be as impartial as possible. Sadly, the machinations of a local Republican Party bigwig proved the undoing of that rea- sonable course anticipated by the School Board. Christian Ziegler, a former executive director of the Sarasota County Republican Party, wanted a job for his young wife, Bridget … and something like serving on the School Board would be the perfect complement to his own political aspirations. After apparently calling in some political IOUs, he and his allies prevailed upon the governor to appoint his wife to fill out Todd's unexpired term. If Bridget Ziegler was an experienced educa- tor or even a parent of school-age children, that might have been reasonable. But her OPINION

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