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08/08/2014 & 08/15/2014

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Just as we did during the same time frame last year, we are cre- ating a "double issue" this week so our staff can enjoy a bit of summer vacation. And even though the City and County commissions also are on a break right now, news has by no means slowed to a crawl. Both County Editor Roger Drouin and City Editor Stan Zimmerman have scored scoops again (as of this writing), while Associate Editor Cooper Levey-Baker has taken the opportunity to delve into local planning for an issue of particular importance to this region: sea level rise. Additionally, you will find inside Roger's excellent assessment of where things stand between the City and County commissions on the homeless shelter and my interview with a family whose members talked poignantly of how Bob's Boathouse has changed their lives. And discussion continues on Siesta Key over the proposed county code change to allow outdoor displays, while Village upkeep and the ongoing improvements at the public beach share the spotlight. We have a much fuller Opinion section this week, too, thanks not only to our voting guide for the upcoming primaries but also as a re- sult of three commentaries. The topics are quite diverse among the latter, from somber to idyllic. Do not miss them. And our All the rest section is brimming with gorgeous photos and engaging articles on the recent Women's Equity Luncheon as well as the natural beauty around us. Contributors Fran Palmeri, Barbara Dondero and Caro- lann Cahill have offered you lovely gifts to savor over the next couple of weeks. Editor and Publisher

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