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Sarasota County this week formally sued Sanborn Studios, the Lakewood Ranch film and TV production company once heralded by business leaders and county and state offi- cials as a major boost to the region's economy. According to the county, the company hasn't lived up to its pledge to create more than 100 high-paying jobs, and the county would like to get back a major chunk of its $650,000 total investment in Sanborn. The county approved the financial incentive agreement with Sanborn in 2010, when the company promised to create 117 jobs with an "average wage" of $72,000 by Sept. 2, 2013. Sanborn, in turn, agreed to reimburse the county $2,992 for each job not created by that deadline. That Sept. 2, 2013, cutoff came and went, and, according to the county, Sanborn never delivered proof it had made available the positions as promised. As of June 4, accord- ing to a memo by County Attorney Steve DeMarsh, "Sanborn Studios has not provided A still image from a Sanborn Studios project. Photo courtesy SANBORN STUDIOS SUED SARASOTA COUNTY FORMALLY SUES COMPANY IT SAYS HASN'T LIVED UP TO JOB CREATION PROMISES By Cooper Levey-Baker Associate Editor

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