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BACK FROM LIMBO City of Sarasota staff has unveiled new signage for a wayfinding project. THE CITY OF SARASOTA HAS RESURRECTED A PROJECT TO HELP VISITORS AND NEWCOMERS FIND THEIR WAY TO AN ARRAY OF DESTINATIONS. By Stan Zimmerman City Editor "It's not just a bunch of signs. It's a pro- gram, a system; it's a brand," said Clifford Smith, a senior planner City of Sarasota. Whatever it is, it is called "wayfinding." For more than a decade, the city has grappled with finding a way to help vis- itors and other newcom- ers find the best things in town. "It's not intended as a directory or as advertis- ing," Smith told the Down- town Improvement District's with the board of directors on Tuesday, Sept. 18. "It will never say, 'This way to Sarasota News and Books.'" Just as that Main Street and Palm Avenue landmark disap- peared, so did wayfinding. In 2007, the City Commission put the plan on hiatus. It was too expensive, the commissioners said at the time. to disappear. In 2009, the City Commission brought it back up, and even approved an aesthetic But unlike the bookstore, the concept of wayfinding refused

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