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LET THERE BE LIGHT Although relatively easy to see in the daytime, many of Siesta Village's crosswalks — and people using them — are hard to spot at night. Photo by Norman Schimmel NEXT WEEK, THE COUNTY COMMISSION IS EXPECTED TO DISCUSS THE LATEST COST ESTIMATE FOR INSTALLING LED LIGHTING AT SIESTA VILLAGE CROSSWALKS. By Rachel Brown Hackney Editor Next week, it appears likely the Sarasota County Commission once again will tackle the issue of better illumination for cross- walks in Siesta Village. A Sept. 13 memo to the commission from James K. Harriott Jr., director of the coun- ty's Public Works Department, recommends the commission direct staff to prepare a bid packet "for the procurement and installa- tion of 14 decorative LED bollards at the 7 identified crosswalk locations" in the Vil- lage. The memo adds that staff estimates the cost of each bollard at $750, with an extra $1,500 per installation, for a total of about $31,500. In the memo, Harriott also sums up the lighting demonstrations conducted by two firms this summer, for which representa- tives of Siesta organizations and county staff gathered. The proposal for better crosswalk illumina- tion originated during the January meeting of the Siesta Key Village Association. Peter van Roekens, the Terrace East representa-

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