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SUNSHINE 'WHACK-A-MOLE' Downtown Sarasota business owners and residents have continued to complain about groups of homeless people clustered around Selby Public Library and Five Points Park. Photo by Norman Schimmel A SARASOTA PARALEGAL IS REQUESTING DID EMAILS, LOOKING FOR IMPROPER DISCUSSIONS OF DOWNTOWN VAGRANCY ISSUES. By Stan Zimmerman City Editor Just as one Government in the Sunshine lawsuit is drawing to a close, another one is about to open concerning the Downtown Improvement District. On Sept. 14, Sarasota paralegal Michael Barfield requested all the DID's emails since April 1. At the Sept. 18 meeting of the district's governing board, a bevy of city officials de- scended on the proceedings to instruct the board members on proper email handling. City Clerk and Auditor Pam Nadalini, who is responsible for sunshine and public re- cords issues, said, "We're going to hand out instructions again on your workplace email policy. The burden of proof is on you." Dr. Mark Kaufman admitted to having de- leted some emails on his personal comput- er, saying it was standard procedure for him. "I may have deleted some," he said. "I delete and then go through the trash and delete them again." City Attorney Bob Fournier interjected quickly, "Let's talk afterwards." Barfield told The Sarasota News Leader the DID has been pressuring city officials to deal with homeless and vagrancy prob- lems downtown. "They are the point organi-

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