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DOWNTOWN PARISH GOES BACK TO SCHOOL EACH FALL The Church of the Redeemer is in downtown Sarasota. Photo by Norman Schimmel Staff Reports Each fall, the Church of the Redeemer, a tradi- tional Episcopal parish in the heart of down- town Sarasota, kicks off a plethora of educa- tional and faith-formation opportunities for its parish as well as for the community. Overseen by the associate rector, the Rev. Richard C. Marsden, and Director of Christian Formation Jacki Boedecker, Redeemer's many ongoing events mean the parish grounds are as lively as a schoolyard as children, youth and adults take advantage of nearly a hundred learning, prayer and fellowship activities each week. From "A Look at Intelligent Design," to a "Study of Healing," to an "Overview of Islam," Redeemer's offerings are full-spectrum. Drawing from its 2,400-member parish, Re- deemer taps the talents of everyone from cler- gy and staff to the multitude of parishioners who plan, teach, lecture and lead its diverse curriculum. The church augments its own roster of class teachers and study facilitators by inviting noted spiritual thinkers, authors and clergy from across the country to visit Sarasota and preach or speak. In October, for example, the church will host noted author and Trinity School for Ministry Dean Leander Harding during its annual All Saints Institute — a series of worship services and fellowship gatherings held Nov. 1-4, to which the public is warmly invited, church members point out. In addition to offering Sunday School during the traditional academic year for toddlers through high school seniors, Redeemer offers

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