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Sarasota News Leader November 2, 2012 the mid-Atlantic Ocean and expected to turn northeast in the next 36 hours — totally away from anybody until late Friday, when it could threaten the Azores. The Azores? 23 Oct., 9 p.m.: Soon-to-be Hurricane Sandy is projected now over Jamaica and the east- ern half of Cuba, then into the Bahamas. Right now, only the Miami/West Palm area is in the zone of a 10 percent or higher chance of tropi- cal storm winds. Sandy is not expected to stay a hurricane very long, with forecasters saying the trip over Cuba will do it in. Still, it is a little too close for comfort. 24 Oct., noon: Sandy is officially a hurricane now, with central pressure of 28.73 and sus- tained winds of 80 mph. The track takes it di- rectly over Jamaica and on to Cuba and the Bahamas. A diagram showing moisture levels in the northeastern and central United States indi- cates the possibility of snow, thanks to San- dy's projected track. Page 29 The Florida Keys and Florida's east coast are under a tropical storm watch at present, while the Bahamas are under a tropical storm warn- ing. At this point, the forming storm system is far enough away from the mainland to cause only limited concern. Image courtesy of Weather Underground

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