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CONTENTS TO THE POLLS! TO THE POLLS! A PROGRESSIVE PROGRESSION NEWS & COMMENTARY Vice President Joe Biden urges voters to cast their ballots in the Nov. 6 general election — Cooper Levey-Baker A PROGRESSIVE PROGRESSION City's domestic partnership registry starts Nov. 6 — Stan Zimmerman 'IN A SHARPER MANNER' TOO CHARMING 12 16 County Commission requests formal notification of administrative staff's handling of issues flagged in audits — Rachel Brown Hackney Analysis: Laurel Park fights for a place in the sun — Stan Zimmerman CHARTER CHANGERS HURRICANE DIARY One proposed City of Sarasota charter amendment would dismember the Office of the City Auditor and Clerk — Stan Zimmerman Sandy saga shows the power of storm surge — Stan Zimmerman A DIP INTO THE OIL MONEY? 17 21 25 28 Scott wants a hand in RESTORE Act state pot — Cooper Levey-Baker COMMITTED TO RESULTS AN 'OPEN WORLD' 35 Sarasota County Schools already at work on new program in response to workforce preparedness study released in August — Rachel Brown Hackney Booker High School has become the first in the world to link with an existing International Baccalaureate program, thanks to a partnership with Riverview High — Scott Proffitt 38 41 COVER PHOTOS: Front - Robert Hackney; Sarasota Leisure - Robert Hackney

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