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Sarasota News Leader November 2, 2012 a way for you to have this opportunity," De- nise Perrault, head of online learning devel- opment for IB, told the Booker students on Oct. 29. She had flown from The Netherlands to Sara- sota for the meeting. "You are pioneers, true pioneers," she added. "This is really big, big, big for the IB program." "This program can prepare students for the next phase of education," Gallagher pointed out. "More than 60 percent of kids who go to college don't finish. IB provides a chance to learn about the college experience," he added, referring to the intensity of the courses. Page 44 Gwen McCaw, who is taking an IB psychol- ogy class at Booker, said. "It's really, really time-consuming, but I really like it. They give you many different options and I really like how you can interact with your peers. It's more focused than regular school. But getting it all done … is a reality check." "I know it can't have been easy for you guys," IB representative Ed Lawless told the Booker students. "But I will say this: The issue of time management is the issue that we hear time and again from students." International and local IB program representatives meet with Booker High students involved with a new program called 'Open World,' linking Riverview with another IB school in the Sarasota district, Booker High. Photo by Scott Proffitt

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