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TO THE POLLS! TOP STORIES Vice President Joe Biden urges voters to cast their ballots in the Nov. 6 general election — Cooper Levey-Baker Vice President Joe Biden hit Sarasota Wednesday, Oct. 31, deliver- ing a fiery 42-minute speech during which he tagged the Romney/ Ryan ticket for "cynical, cynical" ad tactics. Campaign volunteers and staffers meanwhile urged supporters to vote early, then volunteer. Sarasota County has not voted for a Democratic president since FDR in 1944, but Biden's presence less than a week before Election Day is dramatic evidence of how the Republican-Democratic gap has dwindled in recent cycles. Obama came within 211 votes of carrying the county in 2008 after rallying supporters at Ed Smith Sta- dium in the campaign's final week. Biden worked hard to recapture that enthusiasm this week. (Full story here) A PROGRESSIVE PROGRESSION City's domestic partnership registry starts Nov. 6 — Stan Zimmerman The City of Sarasota's Domestic Partnership Registry will be open for business on Tuesday, Nov. 6. Subsequently the registry will be open three days a week — Tues- day, Wednesday and Thursday — from 9 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4 p.m. Applicants may file their paperwork in the City Hall Annex on the first floor in the newly renamed SRQ Media Studio. Lines are expected for the first few days. You may call 954-4160 to schedule an appointment and avoid waiting. The city is seeking volunteers to help with the program. A training session will be held Friday, Nov. 2, starting at 10 a.m. If you want to volunteer, call the same num- ber: 954-4160. (Full story here) AT A GLANCE

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