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NOT GUILTY City Manager Tom Barwin (left) and Deputy City Manager Marlon Brown attend a recent Sarasota Tiger Bay Club meeting. Photo by Norman Schimmel BARTOLOTTA CLEARED OF WRONGDOING IN REGARD TO MISSING CITY EMAILS, MONTHS AFTER HIS RESIGNATION By Stan Zimmerman City Editor It is easy to read the future if you have the letter. Sarasota Mayor Suzanne Atwell played that game Nov. 5 during the "Commissioner Reports" section of the regular City Commis- sion meeting. She railed against the Sylint Group, the local cyber-sleuth firm that uncovered anecdotal- ly a raft of problems in the city's Information Technology Department, including allegations of illegal actions by the former city manager and current deputy city manager. City Man- ager Bob Bartolotta resigned amid the furor. Only City Commissioner Terry Turner refused to follow the commission stampede to chase Bartolotta out the door in January. Turner called the rush to judgment on Bartolotta "a witch hunt." A great furor arose last January over the alle- gations about improprieties at City Hall, and Atwell called upon the investigatory powers of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) to divide the sheep from the wolves. In the meantime, Sylint's final report — from CEO John Jorgensen — was expected at the end of October, but once again, the company is running behind schedule. "I'm very frustrated and angry," Atwell said Monday, Nov. 5. "This has been about a year,

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