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Although the elections have been the focal point this week, we figured by the time you saw this latest issue, you would be a bit weary of all the postmortems and ready to turn your attention to other topics. That is not to say we have excluded election coverage. Cooper Levey-Baker, Stan Zimmerman and our Editorial Board offer some takes on the results from Nov. 6. However, we have tried to provide you with a lot of diversity beyond the elections — from Sarasota City Commission action on Nov. 5 — no dearth of topics there! — to reports on the latest County Commission action regarding the Siesta Public Beach improvements project, a roadside mowing audit and even the Florida House. For further diversion, several of our staff members visited the 2012 Chalk Festival. Norm Schimmel began taking photos of works in progress last week, and Scott Proffitt has wrapped it all up with a report on how founder Denise Kowal manages to pull everything together. We also had the good fortune of getting an invitation to the Audubon Florida Assembly held in Sarasota late last month. Tyler Whitson covered the event with his usual verve, and even though he had been told a special guest was coming, he still was surprised when no less than the U.S. secretary of the interior showed up to accept an award. On a different note, I have the great pleasure of wel- coming one new staff member on board: Trish Ivey, who was the very capable sales manager at the Peli- can Press for a number of years. Trish has joined the News Leader as an account executive. If you know her, you know why people who work with her love her Our staff still may be relatively small at this point, but each of them brings tremendous heart and tal- ent to everything they do. Editor and Publisher

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