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Sarasota News Leader November 9, 2012 A couple of changes drove St. Armands mer- chants and residents especially crazy. A series of boxes were painted next to the curbs, but they were discontinuous boxes so pedestrians could lurk between cars before racing to the center of the circle, to avoid getting struck by other vehicles looking for boxes. Park "outside the box," with a front tire on the line, and you get busted. Page 50 We need to look at whether we need to be in the parking business. Shannon Snyder City Commissioner These are not just regular boxes, either. They are "giganto-boxes"; Humvee–sized boxes; M60 tank-sized boxes. With a windsock, you could land a helicopter in one. This says nothing, though, about the ability of visiting tourists to parallel-park their cars within the boxes. The tourists cannot see the lines outside their vehicles, so they have no idea until they get out of their Hummer or Es- calade whether they indeed have settled in the box. A second seismic shift for St. Armands was an extension of the parking enforcement hours to 8 p.m. If a vis- itor showed up at 4 p.m., she had only until 7 p.m. to move her car. The previous cutoff was 6 p.m. Would she stay to shop, dance and dine? Probably not. A sport utility vehicle is clearly over the line of this box on St. Armands. Photo by Norman Schimmel

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