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Sarasota News Leader OPINION LETTERS TO THE EDITOR November 9, 2012 To the Editor: My friend Ruth Weinberg's daughter went to hear Vice President Joe Biden speak at the Municipal Auditorium [Oct. 31] and then went to lunch with a friend at Station 400. In walked Biden. At the time, Ruth's daughter was talking on the phone to Ruth, and when Biden came in, she asked if he'd like to talk to her mother and he did — so Ruth had the thrill of talking with him by phone. Page 63 Ruth wrote me that night: "What a friendly nice guy. I told him about my being a [New York State] Government Retiree, having worked in the NYS Legislature, etc., and he told me he went to Syracuse University and I told him that my brother went there also." Sonia Pressman Fuentes Sarasota Vice President Joe Biden talks to Ruth Wein- berg on the cellphone of her daughter, Diana, at Station 400. Contributed photo Vice President Joe Biden poses for a photo with Sarasota supporters Diana and Anita at Sta- tion 400 on Lemon Avenue, where he surprised diners after his appearance at the Municipal Auditorium on Oct. 31. Contributed photo

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