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Sarasota News Leader November 9, 2012 which he works is the Sarasota County His- tory Center, a perfect setting for a man who has maintained a passion for local history that began in childhood and has grown only stron- ger over the years. "Mr. LaHurd has been called a stand-up histo- rian, a local treasure and a walking encyclo- pedia of Sarasota history," said Larry Kelle- her, a staff member of the History Center. "His knowledge and eagerness to impart it make him a favorite choice on the local speaker cir- Page 89 cuit. When you meet him, his modest manner conceals a man with a lifetime of information and a willingness to share it." The History Center and its archives contain a panoply of Sarasota history — obituaries, bound newspapers, historic photographs, government records and archaeological trea- sures. One display room alone is devoted to books and other items from the library of Pu- litzer Prize winner and longtime local author MacKinlay Kantor. Jeff LaHurd undertakes much of his work at the Sarasota County History Center. Photo by Scott Proffitt

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