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EMPHASIS ON CTE Construction continues at the Sarasota County Technical Institute campus at the intersection of Bene- va and Proctor roads in Sarasota. The renovation project is one of three principal capital initiatives in the district, with rebuilds of Booker and Venice high schools also under way. Photo by Scott Proffitt SARASOTA COUNTY SCHOOLS SUPERINTENDENT TO PROPOSE CONSOLIDATION OF CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION IN SARASOTA COUNTY By Scott Proffitt Staff Writer On Nov. 20, Sarasota County Schools Superin- tendent Lori White will present to the School Board a plan to consolidate the array of dis- trict programs relating to career and technical education under the management of one per- son, school officials have announced. That person — Todd Bowden — would report directly to White, a district news release says. Bowden is the director of the Sarasota County Technical Institute (SCTI), the Suncoast Poly- technical High School (SPHS) and the Adult and Community Education program (ACE) in the district. The CTE, or career and technical programs, are offered at all of the public middle schools and high schools in Sarasota County, accord- ing to the CTE website. "Bowden taught math and business technolo- gy at the middle school and high school levels before beginning his career as an administra- tor," the district news release says. He served as a high school assistant principal from 2000- 2004 and was principal of an adult technical center and an adult high school in Hillsbor- ough County from 2004-2007. He holds a master's degree and a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of

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