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CONTENTS BOND DEAL CLOSE HISTORY TALKS NEWS & COMMENTARY BOND DEAL CLOSE City's auditor and clerk has failed to comply with the city charter's bond stipulation since she was appointed to the post two years ago — Stan Zimmerman 14 MONTHS LATER … HISTORY TALKS County Commission was told in September 2011 that it would see a completed design for the Siesta Public Beach improvements by fall of this year — Rachel Brown Hackney Longtime community residents discuss how integration affected Newtown students when school busing was mandated in the late 1960s — Scott Proffitt SQUEAKING THROUGH CLEAR ON PRIORITIES With a split vote, the city's Planning Board gives its approval to Walmart for a supercenter on the site of the Ringling Shopping Center — Stan Zimmerman Community Alliance calls on state lawmakers to stop fighting the feds — Cooper Levey-Baker EMPHASIS ON CTE DOWNTOWN DO'S AND DON'TS 13 15 22 25 28 Sarasota County Schools superintendent to propose consolidation of career and technical education in Sarasota County — Scott Proffitt City business groups fighting for 'free' money — Stan Zimmerman BUSINESS BUY-IN DESIRED THE BEST KIND OF DECLINE 32 34 County Commission seeks more industry response before making final decisions on how to determine criteria for awarding local preference status to vendors — Rachel Brown Hackney The county's metal thefts rate is down 92 percent and the overall crime rate is down 18 percent over three years — Rachel Brown Hackney COVER PHOTOS: Front - Norman Schimmel; Sarasota Leisure - Robert Hackney 36 40

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