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LOOKING FOR LIGHT The Downtown Improvement District is preparing to embark on a rehabilitation of Main Street from Gulfstream Avenue to Five Points. Photo by Norman Schimmel DID MEMBERS GET A FIRSTHAND LOOK AT THE VARIETIES OF ILLUMINATION AVAILABLE FOR COMING DOWNTOWN ENHANCEMENTS By Stan Zimmerman City Editor Members of the Sarasota Downtown Improve- ment District went out after dark on Tuesday, Nov. 13, to look at a variety of street lamps. The field trip started at City Hall on First Street, meandered down Main Street and end- ed up on Gulfstream Avenue. The tour guide was Matt Gregg. His company, Synergy Lighting Supply, had installed six dif- ferent combinations of bulbs and globes for the district members to survey. The first example stands outside City Hall's south entrance, on the right side. It features an Avana light-emitting diode (LED) inside a prismatic globe that focuses the light down on the sidewalk. From there the group went to 1464 Main St. (the Jackie Z clothing shop) to look at an ex- isting halogen bulb with a new globe. The tour wrapped up at the dead-end parking lot at Gulfstream, where four more lights were in use. At the dead end on the side closest to U.S. 41 were two LED lights. As you face U.S. 41, the one on the right features a prismatic globe with a bulb by Beacon. The one on the left features an older style of globe with an LED made by Light Emitting Designs. All the globes

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