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BOND DEAL CLOSE City's auditor and clerk has failed to comply with the city charter's bond stipulation since she was appointed to the post two years ago — Stan Zimmerman TOP STORIES Since she accepted the position of city auditor and clerk in the City of Sarasota two years ago, Pamela Nadalini has not been able to obtain the bond required for the job by the city's charter. The Sarasota News Leader learned this week Nadalini has secured one quote from a bonding company, although two sources say the rates are roughly 20 times the amount paid for the same coverage for the other city officials required to have bonds. City Human Resources Director Kurt Hoverter said he is "shopping" for a lower-cost bond with other venders, and he said he might "save a few thou- sand dollars" over the first figure he received. (Full story here) 14 MONTHS LATER … County Commission was told in September 2011 that it would see a completed design for the Siesta Public Beach improvements by fall of this year — Rachel Brown Hackney On Sept. 14, 2011, the Sarasota County Commission voted unanimously to ask staff to come back the following month with design and construction options for completing the Siesta Public Beach Park improvements on an accelerated schedule. The goal, Commissioner Joe Barbetta said, was to take advantage of low construction costs and interest rates. It appeared the project could get under way in the summer of 2013, accord- ing to the staff presentation, headed up by then-Project Manager Spencer Anderson. The commission also approved the staff goal of completing the design work in the fall of 2012. Staff did not come back to the board with those options in late October. (Full story here) AT A GLANCE

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