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Every week, we are most appreciative of the comments we re- ceive about how good the News Leader looks. In recent weeks, I truly have been touched by the number of compliments we have received from a wide variety of people. It is amazing to me, sometimes, to realize just how much the look of publications has changed over the decades. Newspapers dating to the early 1900s feature column upon column upon column of type, with few photos. In this 21st century, some news publications subjugate their stories to the photos and graph- ics. Our digital platform gives us a big advantage over newsprint in the first place in terms of our look. We don't have to worry about whether the printing company's workers are having an off day when we send them our pages, for example. Still, without good photos and illustrations, your eyes would not be drawn so easily into the sto- ries we have labored over each week. More than anything else, the design of the pag- es is what makes those stories look good. That is why every week — not just Thanksgiving week — we give thanks for Cleve Posey, our production manager and graphic designer. Norm Schimmel takes excellent photos for us all over Sarasota County, and our report- ers do their best to come up with artwork and photos to accompany articles. Nonethe- less, without Cleve's magic, creative touch, those photos and graphs would not have nearly the same impact, and our stories probably would not seem quite as enticing. Editor and Publisher

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