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CONTENTS FEEDING THE HUNGRY A LOOMING NEWS & COMMENTARY SHORTFALL FEEDING THE HUNGRY Donations surpass food tonnage collected in 2011, but more residents reported to be in need — Rachel Brown Hackney A LOOMING SHORTFALL Unless projections change over the coming months, the Sarasota County School Board may have to consider new cuts for its 2014 budget — Scott Proffitt POWER, THY NAME IS PAM Analysis: City auditor and clerk proves to be a survivor — Stan Zimmerman 'HATE SPEECH' DEPLORED WHATEVER ST. ARMANDS WANTS … STAYING THE COURSE 11 14 Jewish Federation criticized for planning event starring an anti-Islam firebrand — Cooper Levey-Baker Sarasota City Commission abandons the new parking restrictions that had brought a plethora of complaints — Stan Zimmerman Narrow County Commission majority approves Housing Authority exclusivity in competition for federal low-income housing program tax credits — Cooper Levey-Baker STAFFED AND STAYING City Commission decides to keep two independent police advisory panels for the time being — Stan Zimmerman THE FUTURE OF MOBILITY Sarasota County seeking comments on a draft Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan in preparation for a Comprehensive Plan update — Rachel Brown Hackney SOME EXPLANATION, PLEASE TAKING THEIR OATHS NEWS BRIEFS COVER PHOTOS: Front - Norman Schimmel; Sarasota Leisure - Robert Hackney Veterans seeking public-art marker for doughboy statue — Stan Zimmerman Three Sarasota County commissioners formally begin their terms after their election on Nov. 6 — Rachel Brown Hackney 17 20 22 24 26 28 31 33 37

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