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SAVORING A CRUISE Celebrity Solstice offers so many amenities, it is difficult to say what is the best one. Contributed LIFE ON A SHIP PROVES EVEN BETTER THAN THE EXPERIENCE TOUTED IN ALL THOSE BROCHURES By Matt Orr Contributing Writer I am plagued with misophonia disorder, which is sort of this year's restless leg syndrome. Diagnosis for misophonia is pretty easy. You can test yourself by simply setting out a bowl of almonds, popcorn or any other "loud" food and wait for someone to eat it. If you can hear chewing and have the sudden urge to beat the you-know-what out of the innocent eater, you probably have misophonia, too. Imagine my alarm when I boarded a flight to Barcelo- na, only to find Esther sitting behind me with bags (yes, bags) of celery. For nine hours, Esther ate celery and talked incessantly, as though it were her job to make noise. "Adele says you never listen," she said to her husband. "Why don't you lis- ten to me, Art?" The passenger's celery fills a bag on the floor of the plane. Contrib- uted/Matt Orr The sad, beaten slump of a man muttered, "Nnnn …," which sort of sounded like "Huh" with less effort. I was seconds from turning around, grabbing the back of my seat and opening my

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