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REOPENING SHORTLY Work on Lift Station 87, which has disrupted traffic in the Osprey Avenue/Mound Street area near downtown Sarasota, remains on hold. Photo by Norman Schimmel OSPREY AVENUE SOON WILL SEE REGULAR TRAFFIC FLOW, BUT THE WORK ON LIFT STATION 87 MIGHT TAKE LONGER THAN CONSTRUCTION OF THE GREAT PYRAMID By Stan Zimmerman City Editor It will take about as long to build Lift Station goal for pyramid construction (exclusive of 87 at Luke Wood Park as it did to build the site preparation, construction of the mortuGreat Pyramid of Khufu near Cairo, Egypt. ary temple and valley temple, and other major auxiliary works) would have been within the Work on the city's star-crossed sewage pumprange of five to eight years." The chief engiing facility began in 2008, after repeated failneer's name 4,500 years ago was Hemiunu. ures at Lift Station 7 led to spills of hundreds of thousands of gallons of untreated sewage AN EXTRA $750,000 into Hudson Bayou and on into Sarasota Bay. The latest estimate for completion — released Of course Hemiunu did not have to deal with Monday, Dec. 3 — indicates the work will be lawyers — or Fortune 500 corporations. Sarasota does, in particular with a company called complete in 2015. AECOM. The original design of the connecCraig Smith in his 2004 book How the Great tions to Lift Station 87 was the focus of a conPyramid Was Built wrote, "[T]he schedule tract won by Boyle Engineering in 2008.

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