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PARKING WAR ENDED Anyone may pay for a parking ticket at the Sarasota Police Department on Adams Lane. Photo by Norman Schimmel CITY COMMISSION VOTES TO RETURN ENFORCEMENT RESTRICTIONS TO THEIR PREVIOUS NORMS ALL OVER SARASOTA By Stan Zimmerman City Editor The timing of the return of the giant sailor statue Unconditional Surrender to the bayfront Tuesday, Dec. 4, was perfect. The night before, the Sarasota City commissioners capitulated totally in their "parking war." or the Southside Village area around Hillview Street and Osprey Avenue. Park all day if you like. And if you slide into a space at 4:01 p.m. on a weekday, you don't have to move your car until 9 a.m. the next day. Do not think sailor-kisses-nurse; think parking However, do not rush out to exercise your rescofflaw and meter maid. gained parking rights. City staffers are workThe commissioners ordered that parking en- ing out a timeline when the new-but-old reguforcement return to pre-war levels, dropping lations will take effect. Saturday enforcement and returning to a 6 The commission's foray into creating universal p.m. cutoff for tickets. regulations for parking citywide — including In other words, forget worrying about your the purchase and installation of half-a-million car on Saturdays on St. Armands, downtown dollars' worth of downtown parking meters —

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