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Sarasota News Leader December 7, 2012 Page 71 not realize the seriousness of what was hap- or a stoop on which to sit down, and found a pening.) bench. I sat down and thought: If there were only some way in which I could get to the Somehow, I was able to turn around and rehotel and reach Laurie Paterniti, the director turn to my room at the hotel. I realized I had of the Road Scholar program, or Kay Hutton, three options: her assistant, they would help me. But I was blocks away from the hotel and throngs of • I could lie down and rest. people were marching in front of me, leaving • I could begin packing for my trip home the the Hall of Philosophy. I looked up and there, next day. in the midst of all those people, I saw Kay. • I could try to get a ride to the hall and at- "Kay," I called to her. "I need help." tend the panel discussion. She came right over and I told her what had Naturally, I chose the third option. I asked one happened. She told me the Chautauqua Instituof the hotel's bellmen if he could give me a tion had a medical clinic only steps away. She ride to the hall in one of the hotel's golf carts wanted to run to it for help before it closed for since I was not physically up to walking. He the afternoon and asked me if I would be OK said he was not supposed to, but (perhaps while she did so. I said I would. moved by my woeful state) said he would. Kay was back in a few minutes and said an After he drove me to the Hall of Philosophy, ambulance was on the way. The ambulance I found a seat and thoroughly enjoyed the came in short order, and Kay and I got inside. 1¼-hour panel discussion. But, when it was As soon as I was seated, the technician placed over and I got up to return to my hotel, I again an oxygen mask over my face. Immediately, could not breathe and I could not walk. By I felt betholding on ter and that to the tops shortness of of the seats, breath and I somehow inability to made my walk never way out of returned. the hall. The ambuHowever, as lance took I started to me to a nearwalk back by hospital, to the hotel, where the I realized I staff members gave could not do m e s e v e rso. I looked Jill Edwards checks on Peter Morrison as he uses the treadmill. al tests but for a bench Photo courtesy Sarasota Memorial Hospital

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