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ASK OTUS sance turkeys" roosting in the trees around her house. They poop all over her car, house and garden. At night she goes out with tennis racquet and balls and smashes the balls into the trees in an attempt to drive them off. Thus NO WILD TURKEYS ON SIESTA, BUT far, the turkeys have refused to budge. THE BUTTERFLIES ARE PLENTIFUL AND PARTICULARLY PRETTY AT SEVERAL SITES IN SARASOTA Tom Plymouth, MA Dear Otus, Dear Tom, I enjoyed your article on wild turkeys, especially the part about Siesta Key not having any. We can't wait to get back down there in January. Yesterday, I shot this photo of a flock in our yard. They get bigger and bolder each year. Drives the neighborhood dogs crazy. And the grass seeds we all put down for the lawns are gobbled up in minutes. Thank you for the great photo and stories! They truly illustrate the problems wild turkeys are creating "up North." Wishing you a safe trip down to Siesta Key, and don't forget to pack a few turkey sandwiches for the flight. No wild turkeys here, so you need not pack your tennis racquet, but do bring your golf clubs in case you run across one of our key's tegus! The Boston Globe recently reported on a woman in Newton who has a flock of "nui- Otus These wild turkeys have become bolder about making themselves at home in the yard of a Massachusetts reader. Photo courtesy Tom in Plymouth, MA.

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