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BOOKS TO GO Bob and Pat Orlando. Photos by Rachel Hackney FOR READERS, THIS IS A HEAVENLY PLACE Remember the good old days (about two years the chimes ring cheerfully and welcome you ago), when almost all of our reading material inside. There is almost always music from an was only available in its original format? AM station playing in the background, usually recognizable tunes that we used to call "oldies I am referring to the timeless method of holding a book/magazine in our hands, turning the but goodies." And suddenly, without at first actual pages and reading them as is. There is having realized it, you see you are surrounded still hope for us "bookies." I am recommend- by at least a zillion books: hardcovers, papering a marvelous, old-fashioned used-book- backs, kids' books, fiction, nonfiction — evstore, located in Siesta Village, and called, erything from the latest best-seller to an art book you just cannot live without. appropriately, Used Book Heaven. The store is located in The Arches, behind the The inside of this heavenly hangout is huge. Bonjour French Cafe. (The actual address is Every shelf is filled, with many shelves appearing almost overloaded. 5216D Ocean Blvd.) Looking at Used Book Heaven from the outside, you have no idea what to expect. The windows are almost completely blocked with books piled high, almost daring you to enter this fabulous little nook. As you open the door, Pat Orlando, who owns the store with her husband, Bob, is usually sitting behind the counter, either reading or helping a customer. The Orlandos are originally from New Jersey; they have owned the store since they opened it in

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