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Sarasota News Leader April 12, 2013 Page 69 COLUMBUS' FAVORITE MAKES A PALMETTO PORT CALL By Stan Zimmerman City Editor They come from a time when people were smaller, when adventure meant putting your life on the line, when the smallest mistake could send ship and crew to a watery grave — from a time when courage was a given. and Pinta are like time machines warped 500 years into the future. You are invited aboard. If you were Juan Ponce de Leon or Anton de Alamenos, you would feel at home aboard the Niña (Spanish: "the girl"). She is as close Replicas of two of Columbus' three-ship fleet a replica as can be made of the 1492 vessel are berthed at the Regatta Point Marina in that sailed on all three of Columbus' voyages Palmetto through this weekend. The Niña of discovery. It was upon similar ships that The ships were built in Brazil with the same type of hand-hewn tools and techniques used 500 years ago. There were no plans, only these models.

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