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Sarasota News Leader April 12, 2013 casionally a hedge and maybe even a bed of colorful annuals. These soften the geometric lines of our humble habitats. They give us a view of something soothing and green, and they delight us with a splash or two of color. They also allow us to commune with nature to some degree. Page 86 stant vigilance and determined action in the face of the scales' attack. Where clients require that we maintain these beautiful trees, I have been able to preserve them in a state of good health for many years at some considerable expense. Why grow such a plant? These venerable species have been around for hundreds of milSo, "vive la différence!" lions of years; they were literally the food of PLANT OF THE MONTH dinosaurs. Japanese natives, they provide a handsome and, some believe, essential comI am focusing on a plant that is controversial ponent of Japanese formal gardens — an imat this time because of a persistent pest that pact that cannot be duplicated. must be dealt with if you are to grow it in your yard. I am talking about Cycas revoluta, the So if you, like others, love the look of the King Sago, proceed with caution and be prepared King Sago. Its nemesis is the Southeast Asian for a fight. cycad scale. Rick Wielgorecki provides landscape consulOnly the most resolute gardener will want to tations, installations and maintenance. He take up the challenge of growing this cultivar, may be contacted at 362-0600 or by email at because keeping it healthy will require con- % Cycas revoluta. Contributed photo

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