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Sarasota News Leader July 26, 2013 Page 29 The School Board will have to use about "I for one want to see more SROs," Chairwom$97,000 from its general operating fund to sus- an Jane Goodwin said. "Safety and security is tain the SRO program, White pointed out. of the utmost importance." "So I don't believe in our current [budget] climate … that that is sustainable over time," White noted. "My fear is those costs are going to increase." Goodwin added, "It just takes one incident in this county, and then everybody would be up in arms for [all cities] not participating in helping us out." Therefore, she said, she had charged Reyka with looking at alternatives the School Board could consider. "We will look at a lot of different options. But I felt to go into a different model takes planning and care. We need time and we're going to work with others, both in and out of law enforcement," White said. Referencing the 26 victims shot at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut last December, Goodwin said she also wanted a review of the types of policies and procedures needed at each district school. Rose in the Sheriff's Office pointed out to the "From the time we found out what was hap- News Leader that schools such as Venice High pening with the SRO program, there was no and Riverview High "have recently undergone way that we had any time" to find an alterna- environmental design changes to enhance security and limit access to the campus." % tive for next year, Zucker pointed out. The School Board agreement with the City of Sarasota outlines part of a school resource officer's duties. Image courtesy Sarasota County School Board

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