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THINKING AHEAD The modern Florida legislative building rises behind the historic capitol. Photo from iStockphoto NONPROFITS, COUNTY GOVERNMENT LAY OUT 2014 LEGISLATIVE PRIORITIES By Cooper Levey-Baker Associate Editor A week before a public hearing with our local legislative delegation, representatives from the Community Alliance of Sarasota County gathered on Sept. 12 to discuss what they want to see happen in Tallahassee next spring. The coalition of health and human services nonprofits generated tons of ideas, touching on issues from aging to homelessness to healthcare and beyond. The Alliance's Second Annual Legislative Summit was intended to generate a rundown of priority issues for Alliance members to present to the region's legislative delegation at its Oct. 17 breakfast. The president and CEO of The Florida Center for Early Childhood and the chairwoman of the Alliance's legislative advocacy committee, Kathyrn Shea, says last year's event was a success, evidenced by the local delegation's support for Alliance priorities. Work groups that were organized around topics such as behavioral health and crimWe've got to create those inal justice broke out from the main meeting relationships. Thursday to identify Ted Granger pressing issues and President potential solutions. United Way of Florida Speakers called for re-

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