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Siesta Seen "A lot of pedestrian-related accidents happen when people fail to yield." Drivers pulling up to the intersection would look left, Harriott noted, but they would fail to watch out for people crossing Midnight Pass Road on their right. FDOT ran a quick analysis of traffic counts after reviewing the complaints, Hatchell added. The "No Right on Red" signage went up either Feb. 17 or the end of the preced- ing week, she said. "Of course, now we have received complaints [from drivers]." Because of the ensuing "slow crawl" involv- ing traffic from U.S. 41 approaching Siesta Key at the height of season, Harriott told me, "We have asked [FDOT engineers] to take a look at the signal timing." Harriott said he is hopeful it can be adjusted to ameliorate the situation, though he conceded, "I don't think you'd ever add enough green [light] time to offset the loss of [right on] red." Moreover, Harriott pointed out, if the traffic coming onto Siesta is given a longer green light at the Stickney Point Road intersection, that will mean less green-light time for traffic headed in other directions. Hatchell said FDOT will be reevaluating its traffic analysis, though she noted it is too An aerial view shows the Midnight Pass Road intersection with Stickney Point Road with pedestrian crosswalks. Image from Google Maps Sarasota News Leader February 28, 2014 Page 105

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