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Additionally, the majority of SCAT riders end up at the downtown station. "Seventy percent of all trips go [there]," Carter said. "That is a high percentage." The total cost to build the station on Lemon Avenue was $3.17 million, including the $490,000 expense to purchase the land from the city. If the county builds a similar facility further east, near the Health Department, it will not likely have to repay the $2.83 million Florida Department of Transportation grant that was awarded for construction of the Lemon Avenue station, SCAT staff says. Barbetta and proponents of the facility relo- cation have pointed out that revenue from the sale of the Downtown Core-zoned property on Lemon Avenue could be used to partially fund a new station. He advocated hiring a consultant to examine the possibilities. "If we are thinking about moving [the station], we need to bring in a professional to look at this," Barbetta said. Commissioner Carolyn Mason told her col- leagues she has concerns about pedestrian safety if the station is relocated to the site on Ringling Boulevard and School Avenue. "People cross mid-block to the Health Department. It is very dangerous," Mason said. "With a transfer station there, there will be more people." County Administrator Tom Harmer noted that the City of Sarasota has been working on a crosswalk project that will be constructed soon in that area. (See the related story in this issue.) Another expense would involve the need to replace the parking area the county would lose if a station were built on Ringling Boulevard. Patterson said if the station were relocated, she would like to see a plan showing how it could be constructed of sufficient size to han- dle the county's bus traffic for years to come. She also asked for renderings showing how many bays could fit on the new site. Further, Patterson sought cost estimates for the reorganized bus routes that would be necessitated by the station move. In its unanimous vote, the board directed staff to find the answers to Patterson's questions and report back. % I am so incredibly pleased, with my beautiful smile and my comfortable and natural bite. - Barbara Lee For a complimentary consultation call 941.923.5406 | Christine Koval, D.M.D. | Sarasota News Leader February 28, 2014 Page 20

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