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However, on Feb. 21, Lowery explained that county staff had been reviewing the latest version of the ITN North Port City Manager Jonathan Lewis originally drafted in the sum- mer of 2012 — after the County Commission and the North Port Commission agreed unan- imously to pursue proposals for development of the 81-acre resort they own together. "We are providing our comments on it and we will send it back to the North Port staff," Lowery said of the proposed ITN. North Port also is asking the county to lead the solicitation process once the ITN has been completed and approved by the two commis- sions, she added. "I don't see why there'd be a lot of changes in it," Commissioner Joe Barbetta replied, refer- ring to the 2012 document. "We're just updating it, I think, based on a lit- tle bit more knowledge we have of the site and the possibilities," Lowery told him. "We're supposed to get it to [North Port staff mem- bers] by the first of next week, and then they will take it to their commission." In a follow-up email to County Administrator Tom Harmer on Feb. 25, Carolyn Brown, director of the county's Parks and Recreation Department, wrote, "The City of North Port was provided the previous ITN as the draft working document for us to start the A class participated in water exercises at Warm Mineral Springs prior to its closing last year. Photo courtesy City of North Port Sarasota News Leader February 28, 2014 Page 50

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