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Alas, viewers will not notice any difference, because even though the cable company will receive a high-definition video signal from City Hall, it will rebroadcast the feed in the same old low-def resolution. Since nobody makes "lo-def" gear anymore, any upgrade was bound to put the city on a high-defini- tion path. A Tampa company called Encore Broadcast Solutions is providing the hardware, handling the installation and conducting the training at City Hall after submitting the winning bid. The firm expects the work to take about two weeks, with completion in time for an official debut during the March 17 meeting. The money comes from the City Auditor and Clerk's Office budget. Any of the old gear that is salvageable will be transferred to the city's other broadcast- ing facility in the City Hall Annex, where about half the first floor was converted a year ago into a meeting room capable of live and recorded broadcasting. It is like Christmas in February for the 'tech-heads' down at City Hall. Photo by Stan Zimmerman Sarasota News Leader February 28, 2014 Page 68

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